[photo by me]

Ok, trust me, it’s not my intention to turn my blog into an iPhone or Apple fan blog (they do exist, and they’re run by REAL Apple geeks. I’ve never downloaded an SDK, whatever that stands for).

Anyway, BBC’s iPlayer, a ‘watch TV you’ve missed online’ service is now available on the iPhone via interwifi at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer.

You can’t watch it on the bus quite yet as ‘the EDGE network is too slow to stream video’, but if you take a bus through Moorgate on your commute, The Cloud network should soon be signing some pieces of paper that allow iPhone users to watch iPlayer while out and about, which will lead to comedic instances of people walking into lamp posts while watching, hopefully.

In the meantime, just put EuroTrip on your iPhone to watch on the bus, it’s amazing.

The BBC blog talks about it all here, too.