I thought it was about time I compiled a list of what i notice to be popular flickr subject matter.

‘Bokeh’ (out of focus light sources that make pretty, colorful circles

Attractive women doing the ‘take a photo every day for 365 days’ thing

Attractive women (no theme)

A bit of an attractive woman

Writing on hands / body

Stuff with something written on a piece of paper next to whatever it is. Usually a coffee or something like that.

Hands making the shape of a heart over a belly button

A ring stood up in an open book, lit so the shadow makes a heart shape

Kittens / baby animals in general

Pictures of pets with sickeningly cutsie titles

Those freakish Japanese ‘fashion dolls’

‘Thank you for so many views on my photostream’ dull as hell self portraits / screen grabs

Flowers really, really close up

Pictures of dogs taken close up with a wide angle or fisheye lens

Extreme off-camera flash work

Other pictures photoshopped into polaroids in the picture

Water/colorful liquids splashing in wine glasses

Bugs humping (macro, of course)

Out of focus things brought into focus by a water drop in mid air

Something poorly exposed, badly framed with boring subject matter… with a clever, ‘poetic’ name

Around f/1.4 or f/1.8 aperture (usually taken on a Canon 350D)


Update: Jumping. Just people jumping in the air.

Update: Balloons. Preferably black balloons in white, softly lit airy locations. Polaroids of Balloons are good too.