So, I was recently asked to do a trial of the INQ1 phone on the 3 network. I should be receiving the phone tomorrow and will probably have to do that thing when you charge it for 16 hours while trying not to play with it. asked to do the trial as I’m a “social media savvy blogger” which means, I assume, I’m supposed to write about it on here. And that’s what I’ll do. I’ll probably take some pictures of it and put them on flickr, too, where I’ll be taking bids for usage rights if they’re any good.

As an iPhone user, I’m GUESSING the first week of trying out the phone will be the most frustrating experience of my life since I first tried to send a text with a numeric keypad. I’ll probably keep trying to touch the screen and crying. Also, I don’t really use and I’m a mac user so iChat and Skype are the only ‘IM’ services I’m signed up for. That said, before iPhone firmware 2.0 was released I didn’t use twitter and now it’s an every day thing.

BUT, I have high hopes for this thing – for the price, it sounds like a great deal for a social media savvy blogger like myself, that is, if I didn’t want an iPhone or couldn’t afford one…

Come on, it’s a free 3G handset with skype and facebook for £20 per month (or £15 if you only communicate by numeric keypad and don’t need more than 75 minutes per month).

So, we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.