Graphic Designer, 27, Dalston, London

Graphic Designer, 27, Dalston, London

I’d be surprised if everyone didn’t have a pair of old comfy tracksuit bottoms and favourite t-shirt they’ve kept since their teens.

I’d like to photograph people in their own homes, wearing clothes that they would only wear at home. The clothes that only their families/housemates and maybe the grocery delivery guy might see.

Bankers in old Metal band t-shirts.

The photographs will be framed from the feet up to the neck (pretty sure some people would want to remain anonymous) and preferably standing somewhere in their home. If you have a great chair, we could do sitting too. [update] Another consideration I didn’t think of was the size of rooms. My example shot was taken with me against the wall and the camera against the facing wall. In smaller rooms, I’ll try to shoot ‘top and bottom’ diptych images. That is, one from the waist up, and one from the waist down.

I would like the title of the photographs to be your age and job title. I would hope that this would create a juxtaposition between the photograph and the mental picture the viewer forms of you in their heads.

If you would like to take part, I’d hugely appreciate it! All I’ll need from you is a little bit of time and a few details that I’ll put on the model release form.

If you’d like to take part, please e-mail spencerphotography [at] and we will arrange a date and time.

[update] – Photographs from this project will be posted on my photography portfolio site at