A work in progress poster

The Bay Area Rapid Transport (or BART) is a maglev train connecting Downtown SF, Oakland and their respective airports and suburbs. Read more…

All about the retro-futuristic designs of the transportation/transporters in San Francisco. Using the rainbow color scheme at the moment as the Pride flag, despite not being the official San Francisco flag, is everywhere and a very strong visual symbol of the city, as far as I have seen so far. I am also considering using key colors from famous views of the city (Golden Gate Bridge red, Painted Ladies palette, etc)

The posters are loosely inspired by the Olivetti typewriter ads currently on display at the SFMOMA. See a google image search of Olivetti Ads by clicking here.

Also in the works are:

  • ‘GO Computer Tours’ (similar to Interceptor III vehicles)
  • ‘MUNI Bus’ (powered by overhead electric cables)
  • ‘Interceptor III’ (80’s styled parking enforcement vehicles)
  • ‘Hipster on a Segway’ (based on a real-life experience at Dolores Park)
  • ‘Spencer Elevator Company – Various Patents’ (unrelated to the transport series – but the elevator in my building is a Spencer)