These just in:

Weird mix of design styles from Yahoo!, and a new(ish, but growing ever more popular by the day) trend in web design.

Yahoo!’s designers (the ones they hired instead of me? Yeah, just saying.. :-p) seem to have confused this textural background with a highly reflective background on their Yahoo! Mail sign-in page. Looks weird and probably happened out of laziness / pointlessly following trend.

Weird reflection on textured wallpaper

This wrap-around banner thing is pretty popular still. I wonder how long it will last.

In fact, it’s been around since at least October 2009, as this post from James Carlton shows:

Wrap around banners from James Carlton's blog

I totally get it, it looks nice, and adds some depth but I can’t help but think web designers are now adding it because it’s the ‘done thing’. For example – when the CSS3 standards started coming in and suddenly there were rounded corners and drop shadows all over the place.

I also have a thing about “30 free icons for web designers to use on their website” blog posts. If they’re designers, maybe they should design their own icons instead of just dropping something someone else thought up / made into ‘their’ design.

update: tiny wrap-around banners from LinkedIn

LinkedIn banner example